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Appreciators of Peregrin Took

Society for the Appreciation of Pippin
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This is a community for the appreciation of one lovely hobbit, one Peregrin Took. The original founders of this community, huckadickabrr and fidgetgoblinfly passed it on to pippinshire, who passed it on to paragonish, who passed it on to xmidnight_dollx, who has passed it on to tines_afterglow. Any comments, complaints, and questions should be addressed to her.

As such, there will be some new rules (nothing horrible don't worry):

1. Please refrain from slashy posts, but if you must as in your life depends on it (*wink*), please USE AN LJ CUT and label the cut material with a rating appropriate to the content please.

2. Please place quizzes, interviews, and graphics behind and LJ cut. (Not a big fan of clutter and it takes forever for the page to load)

3. If you are new to the community please when you introduce yourself, use the model below as it get's so common to read all these "Hi! I'm new here and I lurve Pippin!" posts... ;)

Please when you introduce yourself include how you found this community and maybe two reasons why (intellectually) you like Pippin so much. A quote or exerpt would go a long way in revealing that you've actually read the books and aren't just going on how cute Billy Boyd was as Pippin.

4. Enjoy yourself!