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I am melanie
I am a fan of The Lord Of The Rings books and movies, thank you very much. I bet you want proof that I read the books right?
Well ok, I wasn't sure how I felt about the condition of the shire at the end of the third movie, cause I like how things are going bad in the shire than the little hobbitsis save the day once again.
I think it would have made for an even longer movie though.

I am going through this "ick american guys"
and "helllooo european guys" and wouldn't you know?
Our Dear Billy, Mr.Pippin is Scottish.

So then lads, if no one has yet taken over as moderator, than I would love the job. (if it's still up for grabs that is)

I would be good because, first boyfriend when I was like 8, was named Billy.

yeah, I'm weird
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