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Well, I just joined and then I realized that no one has posted in this since august. Which I thought needed to be remedied. I wasn't really anticipating posting much, just googling at the pippin-yumminess...but it needs a little pick me up.

Anyway so I am one of those Pippin fans who has to admit that she saw the movie first *cringes*

But I did read the book!! And I especially love the part where Pippin and Merry are getting eaten by trees. And then the Tom Bombadil part which was unfortunately left out of the movie and would have made me soooooo happy :/

So I love Pippin because he's small but really strong and resilient, which I can really relate to, plus he's hilarious and hilarious people- i mean, hilarious hobbits- are just the coolest, most entertaining things ever.

If you read this, please reply or post so I know I'm not the only one here...I mean, your names are on the list but damn, it's been two MONTHS since anyone posted...

your ideal mate(s) are Merry and Pippin!

Who is your Ideal Lord of the Rings (male) Mate?
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